The lump in my throat threatened to undo me. I felt the need to gasp for each breath as if there was truly something lodged there, blocking my air. It grew larger still, begging me to let the tears fall from my strained eyes. My stubbornness held them there, refusing. I wondered what actually caused that pain and hardness in the throat- that rise of emotion that wasn’t just emotion but the bodies physical reaction to it. The tears burdened my eyes until they were much too heavy. Silently, the slid down my face.

A memory lost- covered up- soon to be forgotten.

My throat screamed against the pain, willing me to give in to it. My breath shallow. My mind reeling. My anger sought to cover the sadness, but it didn’t do so as completely as I would have liked.

Though the pain is piercing, swallow the lump in the throat, dry the tears, mask the sadness.

Chi ha dato ha dato.

What’s done is done.



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