I’m currently sitting.

I am sitting in a strangers house, in a strangers guest room, on a strangers guest bed, acting like I’m working. I’m not working.

I moved here for my job. The job provides room and board basically with strangers. Pretty wealthy strangers I might add. But it’s so awkward. Because I’m here. In ‘my’ room. The woman doesn’t seem like a small talker, which is totally fine. I’m not a small talker. It’s awkward. And I make it more awkward. Because I’m awkward.

I just feel bad, you know? Should I try to talk to her? Them? Or should I just kind of hang out? I mean, they gave me the entire basement so I would have my own space. So can I just… stay down here? I don’t know what to do.

I feel awkward.

I am awkward.

I’m trapped in a guest room. I’ve been in here for five hours now. If not longer. I went upstairs once to ask a question. She was eager to answer and then went back to her own thing. I saw her working in the garden through the window. Like, she’s got her own life, right? I’m just that random girl staying in her basement, right?




2 thoughts on “Awkward.

  1. Maybe ask her if she would like to share a meal or something? It’s not crazy that you would want to get to know the people you are living with. You could cook dinner and you guys could talk and get some of the awkwardness out of the way. Good luck. I’ve shared a room with four different roommates so, been there done that.

  2. Awkwardness accompanies most of us throughout life. In your situation, it’s perfectly normal. Just wander up and talk about the garden or something. Maybe you can become friends over time. And the basement is yours – make it your space. Hope things work out! 🙂

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