Missing you.

He reminded me of you.

I’m not quite sure why. I tried to figure it out as he spoke. He didn’t need any prompting and I barely heard a word he said as your face filled my mind. Was it his facial structure? I knew that no one else in the world would attribute you to the man standing in front of me, but I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. He was so happy. You’re so…


He threw back his head and laughed.

That was it. It was the way he laughed. The way he smiled. He was probably at least twenty years your senior but something about the way he smiled…

I haven’t seen you smile in such a long time. The way it lit your face. The way I made you smile. The way your laugh could fill a room. My word, how I miss that laugh. You hid that part of yourself from others, putting on a mask of indifference. But I saw you smile. I saw you laugh.

I used to at least.

I hope someone has taken my place in your life. That you have a best friend again. Someone you can let your guard down around, if only a little bit. And yes, I wish so badly that it was me. But it’s not right now. I miss you so deeply with an ache I still can’t explain. But I hope you let someone see you smile. I hope someone can’t help the smile that lights their face when you really, truly laugh. I hope you have a best friend. A best friend that’s far better than me.

Missing you.



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