I met with a couple today that I had never met before. They were in their…. Forties I’d say. Married since college.

She came in first. He came in a little while later. He shook my hand and then said hello to his wife, giving her a quick kiss. She smiled.

When their coffee was ready, they both started to get up and he affectionately said, “No, I’ll get it for you, honey.”

When he was speaking, she looked at him with love, softly smiling, nodding along.

When she was speaking, he looked at her with adoration. He couldn’t seem to help himself from playing with her hair.

When they laughed, they leaned in toward each other. She’d grab his hand or he’d touch her thigh or knee.

You could see the love. They were glowing with it. After twenty some years of marriage and four children, no one could question the love they had for one another. Everyone in that coffee shop knew they were in love.

That’s what the world needs to see. Marriage founded in the love of Christ so strongly that the man truly loves his wife like Christ loves the church.

I barely kept myself from tearing up just watching them interact.

I want a marriage like that.



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