Of course.

Today, I did something for a friend. It really was no big deal. But when I told them, they were so appreciative… which I was thankful for. I appreciate it when people are grateful. It’s the way they worded it.

“Thank you so much for thinking of me!”

It was kind of like they were shocked that I had. But why?

I said something; I’m not sure what now. Just kind of laughed at their quick reaction.

I wanted to say ‘of course I thought of you. Of course I thought of you! You are my best friend. When the circumstance arose to think of you, of course I did. Of course your face popped into my mind. Of course your name spilled from my lips. Of course I did what I could to help you; to encourage you. Of course I spoke well of you. Of course, of course, of course I did!’

Don’t my friends realize I would do almost anything for them?

Maybe my love is too strong. Maybe it’s too different. Maybe loving with abandon isn’t the best thing in the world. Maybe… I don’t know. I’m doing it wrong or something.


When you’ve been broken… When you’ve felt pain so much… the drowning kind… the kind you think you’ll never come out of…

And then you do…

Why not love? The worse thing that can happen? Your friend can reject that love. Completely. They can stop talking to you, without any warning, without any reason at all. And that hurts more than… I can’t… I can’t explain it.

But anyway, once you’ve been through that, you’ve been through it. So if it happens again, you know you’ll get through it.

So why not love with abandon while you can?

Of course I thought of you.



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