You walk in and sit down. You don’t even look at me. Your anger or frustration or whatever you’d like to call it fills the room. It strikes out at everyone who speaks to you, so I keep quiet.

I want to scream.

Because I’m tired. I’m tired of letting your anger bury me. I’m tired of forgiving you even though you never apologize. I’m tired of crying when I walk away from you and shut the door behind me. I’m tired of telling you I’m sorry by my actions and words when I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m tired of trying to please you when I know you can’t be pleased. I’m tired of making excuses for you, both to myself and others.

I’m tired of seeking love and attention from someone who should be wanting to give it to me in every way they can.

I’m just so, so tired.



One thought on “Tired.

  1. I have someone like that in my life too, someone who should love me unconditionally but seems to exist solely to cause misery.

    My advice: don’t let this person make you feel bad. If you’re tired of it, make it stop. Stop keeping it inside. Yell and get it over with. Or you will just sadden yourself further.

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