How do you make hurt go away?

And what if you’re angry with someone? What if they lied to you? What if they dislike you and you don’t know why? What if they were unfair to you? What if they blatantly favor others when, in their position, they shouldn’t be? What if they trampled you and smiled as if nothing happened? What if you’re so hurt you can’t fully express yourself?

What if they degraded not only your ability, but your character? What if they took something from you that you were almost desperate for then acted like everything was okay? What if the length to which they were unfair to you is so appalling you actually wonder how they managed to get away with it?

How do you make the feelings go away? How do you dismiss bitterness instead of holding it inside of you?

How do you be a good Christian when you feel like you’ve been treated so poorly by someone?

I just don’t know.



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