Blind. (Part One)

The people around me were nice. In fact, they were pretty great. They had all been together for years and I was kind of the odd ball, but already, they had willingly excepted me into their group.

Which was a good thing since we were doing a ropes course together.

The first three activities had been fun. I actually kind of love stuff like this- when a group of people can work toward one common goal. The first game had been pretty easy. We all had a piece of pipe and we had to arrange our pipes to get the tennis ball we had into the bucket. We messed up and had to start over a few times, but everyone was laughing and having a good time and I was having fun.

The next game was a little more challenging. There was a big plank of wood balancing on the center beam. (If I was telling you this in real life, I guarantee my words wouldn’t be enough and I would grab random objects to demonstrate so that you could better understand. But I can’t do that here, so bear with me.) The goal was to get all twelve people onto the plank from the outsides without the plank touching the ground. Basically it was a huge balancing act. I won’t go into detail, but we eventually did it and I was actually really impressed with my teammates.

(This blog is going somewhere, I promise.)

The third activity was even more of a challenge. There were three pallets of wood, all about… I don’t know… Probably four to six feet away from each other. Not six… Maybe just four. I don’t know, I’m really bad with judging things.

Anyway, we also had two beams of wood- a longer one and a shorter one. The longer one wasn’t long enough to reach from one pallet to the next and the length was just barely covered when you over lapped the two pieces together. We had to get all of our people from one pallet to the second to the third, without touching the ground. I thought it was going to be easy until she said the wood pieces couldn’t touch the ground either.

Honestly, I that point, if it had been up to me, I would’ve thought it impossible. I knew if we were doing it, there must be some way but my mind couldn’t find the answers.

And then, they asked us to pick the four most outspoken leaders I the group.

Now, hear me: I give my group a lot of credit but they couldn’t see what was happening. They gave her who they thought the four most outspoken people were. As I had assumed, she told those people the new rule for this game: they weren’t aloud to speak.

In reality, this wasn’t a huge deal because the class is full of leaders. It was really just hard for those extroverts who usually were speaking. I do think that my favorite part of that game was translating for the people who couldn’t speak. Normally with this group of people, I don’t give my input because so many people already are and mine’s not really needed. But I liked speaking up for other people when no one else could understand them.

We did successfully complete the challenge, by the way. They ended up making a little bridge with the wood pieces and kept it steady by having people stand on both ends. It was pretty great. I just so love working as a team.

There is more to this story. So much more. But I have to go. Part two coming soon.

Then you can figure out why I was blind.



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