Sometimes, if you’re fortunate enough, people break themselves apart in front of you.

They twist their fingers into their ribcage and pull it apart, slowly. You can see it on their face; it hurts. The way their expression is disfigured. They way they don’t look you in the eye. The way they do….

But they continue.

And when they’ve finally gotten the bones out of the way, they reach inside themselves and they pull out their heart.

They take it, dripping with pain, with passion, with love, and they set it in front of you.

Oh, and now it’s your choice.

Will you take it? Will you share in their pain? (It might hurt.) Will you see behind the whys in their life? (You may wish you hadn’t.) Will you allow yourself the honor of seeing things through their perspective? (It may clash with yours.)

To come alongside someone is a blessing. A long, tiring, sometimes hurtful blessing.

Allow yourself to see what others see. To hear what they hear. To feel what they feel.

“If you’re not close enough to get hurt, you’re not close enough to make a difference.”



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