Did you notice?

When you all got together, did you notice people were missing?

That I was missing?

When you’re group got together did it ever cross your mind that hey, ‘that girl’ wasn’t there?

You know, that girl that sits with you all every day? That laughs with you? That talks to you daily?

That girl who thought she was making friends with you?

Who mistakenly thought she fit in with you all?

Did you notice she wasn’t there?

Did you notice I wasn’t there?

When any of you are missing, I notice. Every time one of you doesn’t show up, I know. I see your absence.

Should I feel disappointed that I’m not actually a part of your group? Was it just wishful thinking?

There’s nothing that makes you feel more excluded than…. You know…. Actually being excluded.

Sucks to suck.



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