There’s something wrong with you. I barely know you, but I know that it’s true. And you keep saying things and I don’t know what you’re getting at. Your writing just doesn’t quite make sense.

You said that people that really enjoy life, that see the little things, that really love… You kind of said it was all for not.

You said that people that fall in love with the little things are just a few short breaths away from drowning. And I say, so what if we are? At least we’re trying. At least we’re still swimming. We haven’t given up.

To those that really love, you asked how something that fades into nothing is worth anything. Because it doesn’t fade. Because love makes a difference. And if you don’t share love in life, I don’t think you’ll truly know how to appreciate it.

And by the way, you weren’t here. You don’t know what it was like for us that night he disappeared. So you don’t need to bring it up. Don’t be careless.

You don’t get it. You just don’t. And you’re right; you can’t see past the fog. And I know what’s that’s like. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re falling, doomed to hit rock bottom with such a force that you’ll never recover. I know what it’s like, all too well, to feel as of you can’t breathe. And that is where you can’t see. You can’t see past the fog! But beyond the fog? A world of beauty. A life of opportunity. An excitement for what you haven’t yet experienced.

So hold on. You’ll get through the fog.



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