“So…. What do you think is wrong with you?”

[insert staring and a long pause]


“What’s wrong with you? You clearly think something is wrong with you. What is it?”

What kind of question was that? Did he really just ask what was wrong with me?

What? Did he want me to list off all of the things? Did he know what a complicated answer I could come up with? Did he know the simple one? The answer that only required a single word? The word that comes to me now?

What’s wrong with me? Everything.

But surely everything can’t be wrong with me. Right? That makes sense. So…. What’s not wrong with me?

Well, I don’t have an answer for that either. Why are these questions so hard?

What’s wrong with me?

I’m human. I’m so desperately flawed. I have so much to improve on. I have so much I’m doing so wrong.

What’s wrong with me?

Well, I’m not going to just list everything for you.



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