Missing you: Always

You’re always on my mind.

Did  you know that? I think of you at least once a day. It’s not like I haven’t moved on or I need to let go. I live my life day after day without you.

It’s not crippling like it used to be. Those days a couple of years ago when every moment was a test of my strength. It’s not like that any more. This morning I woke up, excited about the day in front of me. I loved the hours as they passed. I spoke to people I love, laughed with everything in me, and pushed my mind to create new and wonderful things.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t think of you.

I don’t picture my future with you in it anymore. I know I have lost your friendship and I don’t cling to what would have been.

(Actually, if I do think of what would have been, I’m glad things have happened the way they did.)

But I worry about you. I wonder about you. I pray for you daily, thanking God for your life, for the impact you had on mine, begging Him show you even more of Himself.

I have let go of our friendship. I have let go of what I used to think should have been. I have let go of what would have been, what could have been.

But I haven’t let go of you. Because as much as anyone else currently active in my life, you are a part of me. And you always will be. You’re always on my mind.

Missing you.



2 thoughts on “Missing you: Always

  1. I really love reading this! It reminds me of friends I’ve lost and how everyday used to be an image of what use to be or what could have been if they had stayed in my life. I’m sorry to hear about the broken friendship though, but I’m glad that you faced everyday as a new and learned to move on with it. I hope you continue to make new friends and remember your old ones for who they were when they were with you! 🙂

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