My mother has lost a bunch of weight lately.

I’m happy for her. Honestly, she didn’t need to lose it, but she’s happier with herself now so I guess it’s a good thing.

There is one problem though.

I’m thin, okay? I would say pretty averagely thin, you know? I’m not a toothpick or anything.

The problem is that I feel like I should work out. Or diet. Or just not eat if we’re being serious because I don’t have  the determination to actually work out or diet. I don’t need to do any of these things. But I feel like I’m overweight. I’m not even kind of. But I feel like I am.

I feel like I am.

I can’t get the feeling to go away.

This is ridiculous.

This is really stupid.

I know I’m not over weight. I know I’m actually pretty thin. I know I don’t need to lose weight. I know this sounds extremely petty.

This is so annoying. What do I do?

Seriously. What do I do?




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