If you have ever had someone you love treat you poorly in any way, for the depth of my heart, I am so incredibly sorry.

To love someone who is selfish beyond belief and who can be very cruel is more painful than I can describe. I love someone very deeply because of who he is in my life, but not at all for his actions. It’s getting to the point that I cannot stand to be around him because I am hurt by his words so often. He rubs me in all of the wrong ways.

I think what only makes it worse is that I know how someone in his position is supposed to treat someone like me. I see it played out by different people in my life. I’m old enough to know what’s good and what’s bad. I’m old enough to know that this is not normal.

I’m old enough to know that I cannot take it much longer.

It’s Christmas Eve. I hope you get to see your family. I hope it’s a time of love and joy and hope. But I am not stupid enough to believe that that is the case for every person that reads this. So if you’re having a horrible day today too, know that you are not alone. Know to stand tall. Be the bigger person, even though you shouldn’t have to be. If you can, go off by yourself for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths and wait there until your hands stop shaking. You’ll make it through this.

We’ll make it through this.



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