To the boy who will always be mine:

I told someone your story today. How I met you. What we did. 

I told them how you were, within minutes, embedded in my heart. How you are still. 

I told them how you were taken away from me. How I am pretty sure I’ll never see you again.

And then, I was back there. The hot sun making me squint as I looked down at you. The way your big brown eyes barely looked up at me through your thick, dark lashes. The box of toys in front of you, Mr. Potato Head, going practically untouched. My eyes rested on your small ankles, where signs of abuse were evident. 

How my heart broke in that moment! How my life changed as I realized I could not save you. I could not take you home with me and you would probably never leave behind that despicable, horrible, revolting house you lived in. My heart grew heavier with each and every moment that passed, knowing I would have to leave you. 

My heart soared when I got you to smile. When your beautiful face lit up, causing everything inside of me to swell, even if it only lasted a few seconds. 

Oh, my beautiful, beautiful boy, how I wish I could go back to you. My beautiful, darling boy, you do not deserve the life you live. You deserve so much more. 

What I would give to give you so much, so much more. 

A piece of me will forever belong to you.



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