I usually write about how easy it is for me to fake it and, for the most part, that’s true. It’s been true for every instance in which I’ve previously mentioned it.

But with some things, it’s not so easy.

Some things like this.

Because it’s not easy for me to act like this is okay. It’s not easy for me to see the position I should hold and act like it’s just fine and dandy that I’m not in it. It’s not easy for me to see things that are blatantly unfair and practice the art of holding my tongue.

I’d rather not.

I’d rather tell you how horribly you treat people like me. I’d rather call you out and explain how you are a liar. I’d rather list out for you all of the things that you do wrong.

I’d rather tell you how deeply you’ve hurt me. How you’ve taken what little confidence I had and destroyed it. How you’ve lied to my face and smiled like it was alright.

You know, I’d rather explain to you how you’re worshipped in your own right. I’d explain how wrong that is. I’d explain to you how you, despite your opinion and others, are merely a human being just like the rest of us. I’d tell you of how much a hypocrite you are, saying you are humble yet letting the worship continue, encouraging it. Almost dictating it.

Oh and your sweet little followers! Praising your every move, knowingly blinding themselves to all the wrong you do and all the hurt you cause! Submitting to your every word, no matter the consequences! Spinelessly backing down whenever you put yourself over them, all the while letting your words tell them you are equals!

Oh, and I used to be one of them.

Not anymore. No way in hell will I worship you the way they do. You, again, are merely a human being, no better than the rest of us. And you may pretend you’re better than the rest of us, you may even believe it on some level, but I know better. I will not be fooled into again into thinking that you are anything special.

Some day, you will realize all the pain and hurt you caused. Some day you will finally admit that you are the most unfair person that you know. Some day you will get off the pedestal that you and others have created for you.

Some day your feet will actually touch the ground and you will wonder at all the wrong you’ve done.



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