People amaze me. Their capabilities amaze me. They captivate me, intrigue me, and fascinate me. They also anger, disgust, and horrify me.

But that’s why they are so interesting.

You have the ability to make someone understand the word love. You also have the ability to make them wrestle with hatred. You can bring comfort with your touch or pain. You can steady someone with your silence or unsettle them with it.

And people are beautiful. Honest to goodness, absolutely gorgeous. The color of someone’s eyes, the curve of their lips, the crease between their eyebrows. Fascinating. And as cliche as it sounds, so beautifully unique that it’s breathtakingly striking.

I really wish I was good at some kind of art. I really wish I could look at someone and sketch them accurately. I wish I could sculpt people and freeze a moment of time. I wish I could take good pictures consistently and frame the beauty I see all around me.

People amaze me. The rise and fall of their voice as they speak. The sound of their laughter filling the air around me. And nonverbal communication- goodness, utterly captivating when you really think about it.

I don’t know what to think of us… Honestly horrible creatures with a beauty that simply enchants.



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