I think busyness might be detrimental.

In my world, I’m always busy and so is everyone else around me. We just go go go and we have so much to get done and yes, I suppose college is partly to blame, but I… I think it’s killing me.

Because as I go go go I think about how desperately I just want to sit down and connect with someone. I think about how I miss people I literally see every day because I don’t have time to actually be with them. And I hate it.

I’m tired all the time and so are most of the people I come in contact with. And when I come in contact with someone who I know isn’t doing very well, I can barely do anything because I have to run along to my next thing. And what kind of life is that? It happens the other way to. I can tell when people notice that something is wrong but they’re just like me. They can’t stop what they’re doing to walk alongside me. They have to keep moving. Deadlines are fast approaching. Things need to get done. There are goals that have to be met.

But how many people feel slighted because of that?

How many people are lonely because of that?

How many people think no one cares because of that?

How the hell can we slow down without our lives imploding?



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