My mistake.

I guess I should not have been excited about the amount of work that I’ve accomplished this weekend, not to mention that it was on top of a million other things that I had to do.

My mistake.

I suppose I shouldn’t have expected you to be excited for me, let alone say anything positive. In fact, I probably should’ve expected your bitter sarcasm and rude comment. That look of annoyance and slight disdain in your eyes? I should have known that was coming.

My mistake.

I should have realized that, after four years of making excuses for you, you’ll probably never change. I should come to terms with the fact that the person I use to see you as was only a figment of my naive imagination and a longing to see only the good in people.

The problem is that you are a real person. I can’t blame your horrible attitude on you being in your own world or up in the clouds or in the possibility that you don’t think like a regular human because I know you. I know how down to earth you are and I know the way you think. So the problem comes down to the fact that you are simply a self righteous, self entitled, mean person. And that’s sad to me.

And, as bad as this sounds, I almost hope you’re going through something in your life right now that I know nothing about. Maybe then you would have some resemblance of an excuse for the way that you have been treating those around you lately (because we both know that I am not the only person you have been treating horribly).

So my mistake for expecting better from you and for being disappointed.

But it will be your mistake if, once I leave here, you ever have the audacity to approach me as if nothing bad ever happened between us.

And that’s why the blog is called Everything. Because it’s everything I can’t say outloud.



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