Inside. (1)

I could feel it happening.

There was space coming between us and I couldn’t stop it.

Was anyone else aware? Have I just been living in denial, acting like these friendships, only based on a week of time, would actually last? Maybe some will. Maybe. But some are fading horribly quickly and I can feel it. And there’s nothing I can do about it.

You’re going to forget me. Soon, I’ll just be your Facebook friend. I will fade back in your mind to the girl you first met, quiet and unassuming. You’ll forget all you learned about me and not feel my absence in the slightest. But I will feel you away from me. I will remember every detail you told me about yourself and I will be the one in pain and I have no power to change this.

The truth is that you don’t have room for me. All the friendships you need you already have and I am not apart of that. I have all the friendship that I need too. The difference is I long to take in so many friends, even though I logically know that you can’t balance that many people.

Sometimes, I don’t get the chance to try.

I shouldn’t be this sad. I knew that this time would come. I knew, as I always do, that at times like this, people move on. And they forget me. And I forget others. That’s how it goes.

I just wish it wasn’t so painful.

This is why I was concerned when my hopes rose about being friends with you. This is why I tried to hold back and tell myself we would never be friends. That someone like you would never be friends with some one like me. And you fought against that at first. But soon, oh so soon, you will forget.

“You left pieces of your soul inside of me.” (s.l.)

Which one of you?

All of you.



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