I was driving, my mind jumping from one thought to the next. Before I knew it, I thought of you. Tears were unbelievably quick to fill my eyes and spill over onto my cheeks. The wound you left inside me festered painfully.

I’ve always hated being helpless. I’m not sure anyone likes it. And I have felt helpless at so many times in my life and I am sure there are many times to come. But knowing that doesn’t make this any easier.

It just isn’t right though. It isn’t right that I had to leave you there and hope someone would step up and truly care for you. It isn’t right that I couldn’t be that person.

I would be that person if I could. I wish you knew that. I wish you knew I would take care of you and show you the love you need if I could. But maybe if you knew, it would be worse for you. Maybe, as you grew up, knowing that would make it hard to accept where you are.

But then again, I hope you don’t accept it. I hope you know how much you are worth and I hope you decide you will break the cycle you’re in and make something of yourself. I hope you are given the power to fight against all the wrong in your life. I hope someone can take you from that.

I wish it could be me.

My innocent, I will always be yours.



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