Listening to the speaker, I didn’t move. I didn’t fidget. I didn’t flinch as he described me perfectly. No one around me knew that I had every one if the “symptoms” he was describing.

I wondered if anyone around me was doing the same thing. Just pretending this was another message that they probably wouldn’t remember an hour from now. Just pretending that he wasn’t hitting close to home. Just pretending that this had nothing to do with them.

But I couldn’t have been the only one. I knew I wasn’t. I could tell by the way he had completely captivated his audience. Everyone was fixed on him. Everyone afraid to move and give themselves away, just like I was. Everyone afraid that if they moved, he would know. He would see right through their perfectly held facade- the one he was describing.

He prayed we wouldn’t just walk away and put our masks back on.

But we did.



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