There has been a few times in my life that I feel… Well, like I’m going to explode. Physically. Like I’m a balloon and there’s too much air inside and I’m just going to pop. I don’t know if people typically experience that. It can’t be completely unheard of. I’ve never heard anyone else talk about it though.

I’ve felt it before when I’m really happy. When I’m so excited, so content, so full, so thrilled, that I feel like I can barely contain myself. When I feel like I’ll burst with joy.

I’ve also felt it when I’m angry. A lot less fun than the first. Actually, this one is scary. I don’t like being that mad. I feel like my face is on fire and I’m pretty sure I turn into a cartoon and smoke starts pouring out if my ears. I can’t really confirm that though because I’ve never looked in the mirror when it’s happening.

The last is when I’m restless. I don’t quite understand this one, to be honest. It’s often laced with confusion, sometimes helplessness. Unrest. I just… Feel like I need to do something. But I can’t think of anything. But it feel like my skin will pull itself apart just to let out the excess. It’s very hard to put words to…

They all make me feel like I’ll explode. Like the emotions I’m feeling don’t, and won’t, fit inside my skin. They make me feel confined by my own body. Which is…odd. To say the least.



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