I would say my biggest strength is empathy. I would also say it’s my biggest weakness.

It helps me see from other people’s perspectives but it also suffocates me in a way. I get all tied up in what I’m feeling and then it’s hard to see outside myself. Isn’t that interesting? It’s like being so atuned to people is what makes me blind to them.

I think my empathy is most evident when I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy. I know, the show is ridiculous. But I cry every episode. I by no means sob every episode but definitely the tears streaming down the face thing. Can’t help it. Every epidode. I don’t cry if I’m watching tv with people though. Except on special occasions (HIMYM finale anyone?). 

Or empathy is shown when one of my good friends, after I asked how his girlfriend was doing, said “Actually we broke up last night” and I feel tears filling my eyes before he can even say he’s joking (not funny, by the way, though I’m sure he got a kick out of my reaction).

I don’t really have a point. Just… Empathy is a funny thing.



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