“You’re fine.”

“Well… I don’t know. I feel… in between. I think this is just a better day than I’ve been having.”

“No, you’re fine.”

“I don’t know if I am. Remember yesterday? Remember how I thought driving took too much energy and I wondered how I was going to make it back?”

“You were just being ridiculous. You know driving is easy.”

“Yeah, but it felt hard. Every part of me just felt so exhausted.”

“Driving is easy. You made it back didn’t you? You are fine. You were just overreacting. Again.”


“What do you mean maybe? You were driving. All you had to do was sit there and steer. That’s easy.”

“I know it sounds easy but… it felt hard.”

“Just stop. It wasn’t hard. Think about it logically, would you please? You just had one bad day– you’re fine.”

“But… it hasn’t been just one bad day. It was yesterday. And four of the five days last week. Do you remember Thursday? Or Friday? Those were really bad days.”

“Okay, well, they shouldn’t have been! Because you’re fine. If you would just get outside of your head and think like a normal person, you wouldn’t be having this problem. If you would just move even when you don’t feel like it, you’d be fine.”

“On Thursday I moved. I did everything right. I kept moving–”

“No you didn’t! You went home to nap in the middle of the day!”

“Because I couldn’t keep going!”

“Yes, you could have! Don’t you see?! You’re just being so dramatic. You’re fine! That wasn’t a big deal. You were overreacting and trying to draw attention to yourself!”

“I don’t think I was…”

“You were.”

“I didn’t mean too….”

“Just get over this. You’re okay. This wasn’t a good day- this was a normal day. This is you. You are fine.”

“This doesn’t feel like me….I feel like the day was good but the bad is just behind a corner, waiting to ponce. I feel like the shadow is following me.”

“You’re fine. Nothing is wrong with you. Stop being so dramatic.”

“I don’t know. He said I should talk to someone…”

“First of all, why? You’re fine. Second, who in the world would you talk to? Third, he’s going to realize you’re fine and then he’ll think you lied about all this. He’ll think you’ve wasted his time.”

“No…no he won’t…”

“Yes. He will. You shouldn’t have told him. Now he’s going to bug you about it and he shouldn’t have to, considering the fact that you are fine and are just exaggerating.”

“But what about the bad days? They outnumber the good.”

“The bad days are just you being pathetic. Get over yourself.”

“I’m fine?”

“You’re fine.”



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