Missing you.

I was on a train and fighting anxiety. Trying to act like my chest wasn’t constricting over and over again. Trying to stop grimacing every time it did.

I thought of you out of no where. Nothing reminded me of you. All I know is that I was suddenly wishing you were there to share all of this with. Not the anxiety, but everything new I was seeing. I wished I could go home and call you and tell you about all I had seen and done that day.

I’m not sure why I thought of you. Maybe it was my minds way of distracting me from the pressure the anxiety was creating. Maybe it was a long suppressed longing to have you near when I’m struggling, because you knew what to do and how to comfort me.

I miss the way your smile lit your face. I miss knowing exactly what your laugh sounded like. I miss knowing that I could always call you. I miss the deep care you showed me.

I miss you. I’ll always miss you.

Missing you,



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