Note to self- a follow up:

I told you so.

I told you he would forget. I told you he would shove what you told him from his mind. I told you he wouldn’t help you. I told you he wouldn’t ask how you were unless he was forced. I told you you were the last thing on his mind. I told you he wouldn’t care. I told you he would not go out of his way. I told you so.

Today, a week after you told him you’d been dealing with depression for months, he asked how you were and you said good and he accepted it. And he didn’t think twice about it. He talked to you for as long as he had to, and then he left.

He’s a nice guy. He really is. A good man who is good to his employees and his family.

But what did you expect?

Did you expect him to ask, “No. How are you really doing?” Did you expect him to reference your last conversation instead of acting like it never happened? Did you expect support? Did you expect genuine care?

Well those people are few and far between. Haven’t you figured that out by now?

But I guess last time I yelled at you for lying. So I will give you credit for that: you lied well today. You smiled and told half truths and made efforts to draw attention back to him. You used your time wisely, distracted him, and didn’t answer questions you didn’t want to. So good job.

And by the way- yes, the people in your life right now are doing an abysmal job at offering you support and care. And yes, it hurts like hell. But… if you lie and distract… maybe it’s your fault you’re not getting what you need.

I get it though. You’ve told a lot of people and almost no one has followed through with you once or twice, let alone three times. And that’s really painful. So maybe it’s better to lie.

But last week, you didn’t lie. And I told you this would happen.



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