Everyone gets mad at Valentines Day.

I usually really like it. You’ve got to admit, most single people you know do not share that opinion. People get really bitter about it. I get why, for the most part. But it’s a day for love and love is supposed to be for everyone. It applies to everyone. I like it. It’s fun! There’s hearts and candy everywhere and people remember flowers. I don’t really know why, but I’ve always liked it.

It doesn’t feel like Valentines Day. I was getting ready for the day this morning and I could feel the weight in my chest and arms. And all I could think was, “Today’s going to hurt like a b****.”

And it has.

I just feel sad. And just… just so let down on so many levels for so many reasons. My heart hurts. I feel achy. Ugh! I could use a couple of days to recuperate. Even as I say that though, I know they wouldn’t help. Two days to do nothing sounds nice, and would be nice, but those two days would end and I would still be in the same spot.

Man. I just don’t know how I’m going to get through… well, even the next couple of days.

I wish today had felt like Valentine’s Day.



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