Interviews are a lie.

I’m in constant confusion. I can’t speak out of who I’ve been for months now. Instead, I have to speak out of who I normally am. But what if that isn’t me any more? What if this is me? What if I never care about anything again?

Because the first question is always the same: “Tell us a little bit about yourself.”

Tell you about myself?

First of all, way too broad.

Secondly, I barely know who I am anymore! I lost myself along the way. So what am I supposed to tell you? Should I tell you I feel pain in my very bones? Should I tell you I isolate myself and have lost joy? That I have lost what it is I really care about? Or perhaps it’s more the fact that I don’t see the purpose to pursue what I care about anymore. Should I tell you I’m worn out and tired and scared?

Tell you about myself?




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