Poem: Brick by Brick.

Pain echoed in her empty heart
Brick by brick was laid
A room to be guarded from
She watched in silence
Brick by brick
They covered the door
The windows bolted shut
No air to leave
No air to enter
But brick by brick
She knew
Wouldn’t be enough to hold
For pain is a gruesome beast
Not to be deterred
No locked door can hold
Wrapped chains won’t help
Brick by brick
Cannot withstand its force
But for now the room is kept
With no way to enter
Blocking her from the pain it holds
Keeping her from the photos hung
When the deed is finished
She turns
Her eyes gaze to room after room
After room
Each boarded shut
Brick by crumbling brick
Head held high as tears flow low
Her steps echo in the quiet
As she walks through the empty halls
Of her aching heart
Brick by brick
Laid in vain


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