I said the words easily, as if it wasn’t a secret. As if that information has spilled from my lips a million times. But, truthfully, I’d maybe told… actually no. I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that. I think I told one person something like that, but it wasn’t as blatant as I said it today.

I spilled the words out to a stranger. Someone I’d only known less than two months. I said the words to her without thinking, as if I didn’t care what she thought or what anyone thought. As if this was normal.

I haven’t told my closest friends what I told this girl today. And I honestly probably won’t. And, after another month, I’ll probably never see this girl again. There’s a safety in that. Honestly. I don’t totally understand it myself, but sharing secrets with strangers always seems easier.

I guess because they can’t reject me if they don’t know me.



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