I like close of pictures of people, where  you can see the light in their eyes.

I like when people are kind and unassuming.

I like when people never cry, but cry in front of you.

I like when people say nice things, even though they have the space, and even the right, to say mean things.

I like people who look up, smile, and say hi when you come into the room.

I like when people can just be beside you and talk and there’s no pressure to do anything more.

I like when people open up to you when they don’t have to.

I like making eye contact with people at just the right moment and you can hear each other’s thoughts.

I like when people are helpful when they could just choose to walk away.

I like when people laugh and you can see the weight lift off their shoulders for a moment.

I like when people check in just to make sure you’re okay, even though they could just keep walking.

I like when people can tell you’re not okay and let you know that, pushing for more of an explanation.

I like when people can see the good things in you that are buried beneath the faults.

I like when people see and are thankful for the efforts that you make that are never really said.

Despite the pain, despite the hurt, despite the fear, despite the confusion, despite the frustration, despite the weariness, despite the loneliness, despite the hardship, despite the anxiety, despite the depression, despite the anger, despite the stupidity, despite the horror, despite it all…

I like people.



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