I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I got scared and a little mad. My emotional brain was a little stunned and a little confused and a little hurt. My logical brain quickly tried to wrap a blanket around my emotional brain and soothe her. My logical brain knew, and knows, that nothing was wrong, that nothing was meant by it, and that it wasn’t supposed to hurt.

I’m sorry I acted the way I did. And I’m sorry it affected you. Because I could tell it affected you.

I felt rejected and I reacted. I stood as tall as I could, bit back a little, and stayed stubborn as ever, proving to myself and those watching that the only person I will ever need is myself.

And you don’t deserve a friend like me. You deserve someone better. Much better.

So if you want to leave, I understand. I will, with all the grace and dignity I have, watch you go. I will watch your form walking away from me and I will wish you well.

I’m sorry if I made you angry. I’m sorry I took it too personally. I understand if you want to leave. There’s no reason you shouldn’t.



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